How is the pain of a tattoo?

That is very hard to say, considering that each person has a different interpretation of how the pain feels like, but most people describe tattoo pain like extensive scratches on skin. The intensity at which a stimulus begins to evoke pain varies from individual to individual and for a given individual over time. That is called threshold of pain.


How is the job market for a tattooed person?

The job market for a tattooed person is not as bad as it used to be. Now more than ever, the society has to accept tattooed people as we are and now represent a significant manpower amount.Moreover, the market has also been adapted to the population characteristics, and there’s now a lot more business that don’t care about the color of your hair or if you have visible tattoos. Actually, many business owners prefer employees with these characteristics because they are like the customers that they want to attract to their business!


How to find out where’s the best place on your body to get a tattoo?

To find out you have to give a good critical look at your body to realize where you would like your tattoo and where on your body you wouldn’t like people’s paying attention. Example: if you have a big arm, you cannot get a tattoo of the size of a coin on your shoulder, because your arm will look even bigger and soon you’ll realize that your tattoo is too small for the spot. Or, if you don’t like of your belly because it’s not fit as you like or for any other reason, don’t go get a tattoo around your belly button. Think about if you want it to be shown or not. Some people try to justify the fact that they have hidden tattoos saying that this tattoo is something personal. So that means that people who get visible tattoos get them just because of the others? Of course not. Think about it.


How to choose a tattoo shop?

You can start doing a tour in 3 or 4 tattoo shops. There are very good, good and not so good tattoo shops and just by comparing them that you’ll find out which one is your favourite. Don’t give up until you find one that inspires trust. Give a good look to the artist’s tattoos photography’s. The pictures have to be neat. Try to realize what kind of style this tattooist does best and if the subject that you want to get tattooed is one of his specialties. Good tattoo artists will also have they own artwork on display like drawings or paintings. If possible, talk to the artist. He has to inspire trust and look comfortable about your tattoo idea.

Also, give a good look to the shop premises. It has to look clean and hygienic.  If you are not sure, ask them to see the cleaning and sterilisation room. It is very important that it look extremely clean! After finding the perfect shop, the price is the last thing to ask.


Should I get a small first tattoo just in case I regret later?

The truth is that you can regret of getting a small tattoo too. Some people decide to get bigger tattoos after the small ones and now they miss that space. Let’s use a metaphor: sometimes you have to move houses to build a shopping centre. But you cannot move a tattoo. Your design has to fill the space that you choose on the body. And after all, if you made the wrong decision, you can at least learn with your mistakes.


Should I have any special food in the day of my tattoo?

Yes. You have to eat normally but avoid greasy foods. It can complicate the tattooing and healing process because of the excess of fat released in sweat.

Very heavy meals can also hinder your digestion, causing malaise.


Will I need to touch up my tattoo?

That’s depends. In the case of a well done tattoo: if you take care of it, which means avoid the sun and apply the sunscreen lotion every time that your tattoo is exposed to the sun, have a healthy diet and drink water regularly, a touch up may be necessary only after 20 years! Tattoos where applied on skin to last a life time, so remember that when you expose it to the sun light.


Is it normal to have fever after getting tattooed?

It may occur sometimes due to the energy spent on the effort to resist to pain. There’s no reason to worry about it. A good night of sleep will make you feel better again.


Is it possible that someone have the same tattoo as mine?

If you choose your tattoo design in a catalog, magazine or internet the answer is yes. There are tattoo shops that don’t tattoo the same design twice, and others modify it so it doesn’t look the same. The best option is to ask your tattooist to draw something exclusive for you!


Is it possible to have a tattoo removed?

Yes. It’s a more painful and expensive proceeding. You have to ask someone that had a tattoo removed and had a satisfying result. You can also find some good recommendation in a tattoo shop.


Is it safe to get tattooed?

Yes. There’s no hazard contamination since you considerate basic hygiene care, cleaning and sterilisation, utilisation and elimination of disposable material.


Is it true that toxic substances can interfere in your sensibility?

Yes. Toxic substances like, alcohol, weed or cocaine are not welcome in tattoo shops. If you are in use of any of these substances while getting tattooed, you’ll not be able to concentrate, disturbing the concentration of the tattooist and interfering in the final result. If you want a professional work, think as a professional, dedicating yourself to the fullest and helping your tattooist. This way you demonstrate respect to the tattooist and his profession, to art and to your body itself.


Is it true that people faint getting tattooed?

It may occur but not frequently. People usually faint not because of the pain, but because they’re nervous! It usually happens not in the end, when the pain is more intense due to the constant work in the same area, but in the first minutes when the person is still tense and afraid of the needles. Some people faint for seeing blood and they are not feeling pain at all. That’s a psychological thing.

Other factors that lead to the collapse are poor diet and muscle fatigue. So if you feel tired or did not have a proper meal don’t go get tattooed or you’ll probably faint. So remember, before getting tattooed, have a good night of sleep and eat light foods.


There’s an anaesthesia I can use for tattooing?

Yes and it’s for topical use but they are not very efficient. Only in a few cases tattooist suggest using it.


What is the best age to get my first tattoo?

There’s no best age and it only depends on if you are ready for that and know what you’re doing and what you want from it or not. Of course, by law you cannot get any tattoo before you complete 18 years old. Not even if it’s your birthday’s eve or if your parents “approve” it.


My parents don’t like tattoos. What should I do?

Anyone that is 18 years old or older have the right to have a tattoo, but be sensible.


Where to find the perfect drawing for my tattoo?

None of the drawings that you can find on internet, catalogs, flash, books or magazines would be perfect, because they are accessible to anyone. It shall be used as reference and inspiration only. The perfect drawing will come from the hands and mind of your tattooist and yourself. A friend can also draw it for you. But the secret is: the drawing must have some connection with you…


Is the tattoo equipment sterile or disposable?

In fact, both. The disposable materials are needles, gloves, ink cups, paper towels, spatulas, plastic bags, etc. This material is strictly single use only. The sterile equipment like tattoo grips that don’t deteriorate with time and have a long lasting lifetime can be reused if sterilised properly, not providing any health risk.


Can the sun damage my tattoo?

Yes! The sun is the main external factor of skin ageing and consequently, of your tattoo. The sunscreen lotion must be used every time you expose you tattoo to strong sun radiation. Please note that after a few years your tattoo will still be there, so take care of it through all your life.


Why some tattoos seem to be in relief?

That happens when the skin is damaged on the tattoo process usually done by an inexperienced tattooist. You can also call it scar.


Why sometimes the black color in some tattoos seems to be blue?

That may be because of the origin of the pigment. The Japanese, as an example, make their ink through a burn process using wood from 2 different trees. One wood produces a black with a blue tone, and the other one with a brown tone. Sometimes you have a t-shirt that you think it’s black, but when you dress it with black jeans you realize that it is actually dark blue. But don’t worry, nowadays all the tattoo black ink for sale in the market is really black.


Why do tattooists photograph the tattoos?

That’s the way to register their work. Tattooing is an ephemeral artwork and the photography not.


Can I cover a scar with a tattoo?

Yes and this is a common proceeding. Tattooing over scars is less painful than people think and the result is quite satisfying.


Can I do sports during the healing process?

Yes, except swimming or other sports in the pool or in the sea. Any other sport is allowed, since it offers no risk of friction on the tattooed area. The tattoo must be washed after the excessive sweating and the aftercare can be followed normally.


Can I use Vaseline to heal my tattoo?

You can, considering that Vaseline is the base of many lotions. But of course, there are better products that accelerate and produce better results. Some are made specifically for the tattoos healing, but no one is better than Bepanthen.


 What is the best ointment to heal a tattoo?

It is called Bepanthen. Bepanthen is an ointment containing pro-vitamin B5 that gently aids natural skin recovery, while keeping it soft smooth and moisturized.


What is the best time of the year to get a tattoo?

It depends of your life style. If you like to have sun baths in the summer or like outdoor sports, then your best time to get a tattoo is the winter. Doing this, your tattoo will be perfectly healed in the summer and you’ll be able to expose it to the sun protecting it only with the sunscreen lotion.


What is the most painful region of the body?

Any part near to the bones – they are the extremities. Example: foot, hands, head, elbow, the top of shoulders, ribs, wrist and over the spine. But also some tender parts can be exciting, like belly, behind the knees, neck, the bend of the elbow. Don’t forget that the palm of hands and foot are very painful, probably the most painful part of the body to get a tattoo due to the large amount of sensitive nervous connections.


What is the final destination of the biological waste and sharp items?

By law in the UK every tattoo shop must have a contract with specialised companies that regularly collect and incinerate all the biological waste and sharp items.


What is used to sterilise the tattoo equipment?

The sterilisation of the grip and tips used to tattoo is made in an instrument called autoclave steriliser. An autoclave is a large pressure cooker; it operates by using steam under pressure as the sterilising agent. High pressures enable steam to reach high temperatures, thus increasing its heat content and killing power. The sterilisation of materials using steam and pressure is a dependable procedure for the destruction of all forms of microbial life.


What is used to clean the tattoo equipment?

The cleaning of the tattoo equipment is made in an instrument called ultrasonic cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning device that uses ultrasound and an appropriate cleaning solvent (sometimes ordinary tap water) to clean delicate items.


Can immersion baths damage the tattoo?

This is a question that for years I thought I knew the answer, however, I was merely repeating what everyone says. The truth is that, as far as I know, there’s no actual reasonable explanation on Internet or anywhere else on why immersion baths or saunas can damage a healing tattoo. People damage their healing tattoos all the time, and I see it almost everyday in the tattoo shop and I’m able to recognise exactly what they did wrong. In my 20 years of experience, I’m sure people had long baths and saunas with healing tattoos, the same way they did take sun, pick the scabs, used different creams other than the recommended, don’t protect it from the bedclothes, stop using the cream before the time etc. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tattoo damaged due to a long exposure to saunas or long baths. It is important to point however that running water is ideal for cleaning. Swimming in the sea or lakes may have different consequences as we are exposing the tattoos to much more than we expect.

Other misconception is that the chlorine in bath water or swimming pools can damaged the tattoo. Well, it is true that there’s a lot of chlorine and that the most common compound of chlorine is sodium chloride (common salt), but minor cuts, scrapes, or burns actually react positively when immersed in chlorinated pool water! Despite its benefits, chlorinated pool water is a chemical that can have adverse effects on the skin, so if you do, enjoyed with care.


What is the healing time for a tattoo?

It may vary from people to people, but if followed all the instructions it will not take more than 10 days. The average time is 7 days.


What parts of the body cannot be tattooed?

Considering that the most tattooed man in the world has 99% of his body tattooed, I would say that any surface of the human body can be tattooed.


After to get a tattoo, how long shall I wait to take sun?

Usually after 20 days, when your skin is recovering the natural resistance and appearance. But remember that the sunscreen is indispensable.


What kind of artwork can be reproduced on skin?

Any kind actually: famous paintings, child drawings, portraits or even a realistic reproduction of any photography. Any kind can be reproduced considering the tattooist skills.


I do Bodybuilding. If I modify my muscle mass it will distort my tattoo?

Maybe. Bodybuilding is a healthy sport, not offering any harm to the skin elasticity except if taken growth stimulants compounds. Steroids can produce stretching’s marks and ruin your tattoo.


How expensive a tattoo is?

That’s relative. There are tattooists with different skills and experience levels, tattoo shops with different characteristics and consequently different prices. Each artist charges what he think his work costs, and it’s up to each person to decide what is worth: a cheap tattoo or a good tattoo. You cannot have both.


Do tattoos hurt?



Do tattoos bleed?

Yes, a little bit. It happens during the tattooing process only.


Can an old tattoo be touched up?

Yes. This is a very common proceeding and it usually produces good results. But not all old tattoos can be reworked. The best thing to do is to have a chat with your tattooist to find out if it can be done or not.


Can an old tattoo be covered?

Yes. This is a very common proceeding and it usually produces good results. But not all old tattoos can be covered. The best thing to do is to have a chat with your tattooist to find out if it can be done or not. Cover ups are difficult to do and require special drawings. In some cases, we recommend laser removal proceedings before start the cover up.