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New opening times

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From October 14th, we will no longer open on Mondays. The new opening times are:

TUESDAY-SATURDAY: 11 am – 6 pm

We’ll be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

New artist

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We are happy to announce an addition to our team. Jamal Isles will join us from October 2nd as a resident artist. His works is clean and solid and has strong influence from american traditional style. We’ll be soon creating a portfolio for him in the website but for now you can see more of his work on his Instagram page by clicking the link.

June opening times

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A lot of people go on holidays in June,  and the shop will be closed for a few days too. These are the dates:



28th from 4.30 pm

We are sorry for any inconvenience!

See you soon!

March holiday opening times.

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You will agree with me that we all love holidays and that we all NEED them right?

So this are the closing times for the shop’s holiday.

The shop will take quite a long break being closed between the 25th of February and reopening on 1st April 2017. Sounds like a joke but it’s mere coincidence.

I will miss my customers and friends but it’ll all be back as usual in April.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience and see you then!


2017 is coming!

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Hello everyone!

In the name of the shop I’d like to thank all customers that trusted our work and support our passion. As I said before, we tattooists can be the masters, artists, whatever you’d like to call us, but the truth is that we are nothing without the other half, the customer. I believe I’m lucky to have worked with such interesting people and did many cool tattoos during 2016. I hope 2017 will be a much better year for the shop. I have goals to continue trying to improve my work and customers skills and I hope you all had great experiences getting tattooed at Body Garden.
Bring on 2017! Let’s be creative. Let’s dare to pursue and achieve our goals. Let’s be ourselves. Let’s be the unique individuals each with our own intelligent thoughts. Respecting others, being kind, being thoughtful. Think about other people. Think about other people that you never met, and maybe never will and wish them well.
Body Garden Tattoo wishes everyone a great 2017 with less violence and more love. Less rush and more calm. Less anger and more respect.
Let’s together become better people?
The first step to change the world is to change ourselves.

Councils want crackdown on illegal tattooists

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Councils want crackdown on illegal tattooists

Local councils have called for tougher sentences for illegal tattooists, who they warn are offering cheap prices for their services to children.

The Local Government Association (LGA) said the problem was increasing because tattoo equipment was becoming more widely available and cheaper to buy.

The LGA warned that unlicensed tattooists can take “dangerous shortcuts with health and safety”. (more…)

The meaning behind your tattoos and what it (could) represent. The case of Roxy.

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The meaning behind your tattoos and what it (could) represent. The case of Roxy.

Have you ever thought about the meaning of your tattoos? Or, have you ever thought about the meaning that your tattoos could take? I usually, as an example, try to persuade and explain to people why they should not tattoo subjects that represent things that are out of their control. I’m really against tattooing names of girlfriends, band names, football teams or political views, because (more…)

Some questions answered to a Skin Deep magazine article.

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Tell us a bit about you and your experience as a tattoo artist.

Alright! My name is Cesar De Cesaro, I have a Italo/Brazilian background. I started tattooing in 1998 in Porto Alegre/Brazil. I also lived and tattooed in Holland, Italy and England. At some point in my life I had to make a choice between following a career as a musician or a tattooist, and that (more…)